Life on Safari

Life on Safari

On all our safaris we try to ensure enough time in each area to enjoy and appreciate its wonders to the full. Our safaris are for those discerning enough to realise that more time spent in fewer places makes for a better holiday than a whistle-stop lightning tour.

If you are looking for a true African adventure, combined with exclusivity and comfort, then our safaris will appeal to you. If you visit Africa without spending nights under canvas in a private camp, you have missed the experience of a true African Safari. Camping allows you to get close to the sounds, smells and sights of Africa. Lodges and our house allow you to relax in more familiar surroundings.

Mornings start early, with tea, coffee or juice with biscuits delivered to your tent before we set out on our morning game drive. We like to remain flexible to enjoy the best of what there is to see, but usually return to camp mid-morning for a hearty breakfast, or we might take a picnic breakfast and return later for lunch.

We normally have a late cold buffet lunch, with a range of meat, cheese, and salads, before embarking on an evening game drive until dusk. We prefer two longer game drives per day to three short ones, as the game is more active in the cool of morning and evening. In the heat of the day, most animals are resting in the shade, so we do likewise – allowing us time to catch up on diaries, write letters, read, do some bird- watching or simply have a siesta.

Evenings are spent enjoying drinks round the campfire, taking in the sounds of the African night before our candlelit dinner. You can have a hot shower whenever you wish, throughout the day or evening.

However, please remember that this is Africa. Roads are rough, and often dusty. We may get bogged down and all have to lend a hand to get ourselves out. Flies are not a serious problem, but can be unpleasant to those who are not used to them. It can get both hot and cold at times. Safari is like most things in life – what you get out of it depends on attitude, your enthusiasm and a willingness to accept Africa as it is. If you enjoy the outdoors and are looking for a personalised, unusual holiday – then we guarantee you will enjoy our Kenya.

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