Optional extras for Set Itinerary safaris

Grant and Cameron set itineraries are complete safaris from Nairobi back to Nairobi.  In addition we recommend various other add-ons suitable for a Grant and Cameron safari, such as a few days at the Kenyan coast. Please enquire for further details. The following optional extras are described below.

Airport Transfers
Accommodation in Nairobi
Flights - both Private Charters and Scheduled flights.
Balloon trips over the Maasai Mara
Membership of Flying Doctor's Society of East Africa

Flying Doctor's membership is highly recommended even if you do have an insurance policy with air evacuation included, see below.

Airport Transfers

Rates are subject to change without notice so please contact us for a quote.

Considerable savings may be made by taking a taxi from the airport or your hotel, as often they do not pay VAT. 

Please note that all "No shows" will be charged at the full transfer rate.

Hotel accommodation

A wide range of hotels are available from the most luxurious to cheap and cheerful, depending on your requirements. Tell us what you would like and we are delighted to give you some recommendations.

Rates are subject to change, including some special seasonal offers, so please contact us for a quote

Optional flights (per person)

both SCHEDULED FLIGHTS and CHARTER FLIGHTS are available please contact us for a quote

Balloon flights in the Mara

You may choose to do an balloon ride one morning (usually the second morning in the Mara) instead of a game drive, weather permitting. Ballooning starts early (leaving camp at 5.00am) Includes a "bubbly" breakfast and game drive back. Price on application.

Flying Doctor's Membership

One month membership of the East African Flying Doctor's Society is strongly recommended. The cost of US$ 25 for a month membership is not high, and it covers the holder for any air evacuation required within 500 km of Nairobi for one month.

Some insurance policies cover air evacuation. In practice these can be difficult to claim on. For some insurance companies to approve air evacuation the patient must first have been examined by a doctor and air evacuation approved. The trouble is that away from Nairobi it can be difficult and a waste of valuable time to find a doctor.

If you join the Flying Doctor's Society you will be immediately evacuated to Nairobi by air, as soon as your temporary membership number is quoted, no other questions asked.

The Flying Doctor's Society is a non-profit organisation which helps many extreme cases that would otherwise not be able to pay, and saves many lives. As a charity it is worth supporting anyway, and the added benefit of priority air evacuation makes it money well spent.