Medical & Practical Information

Flying Doctor’s Membership

A one month membership of the East African Flying Doctor’s Society is provided for each client on safari. This covers the holder for any air evacuation required within 500 km of Nairobi for one entire month.

Some insurance policies cover air evacuation. In practice these can be difficult to claim on. For some insurance companies to approve air evacuation the patient must first have been examined by a doctor and air evacuation approved. The trouble is that away from Nairobi it can be difficult and a waste of valuable time to find a doctor.

By having a Flying Doctor’s Society membership whilst on our safaris you will be immediately evacuated to Nairobi by air, as soon as your temporary membership number is quoted, no other questions asked.

The Flying Doctor’s Society is a non-profit organisation which helps many extreme cases that would otherwise not be able to pay, and saves many lives. As a charity it is worth supporting anyway, and the added benefit of priority air evacuation makes it money well spent.

Medical & Practical Information

Please make sure that you get the best information available for your area regarding medical requirements.

USA: You can find reliable Travel Medicine specialists in the website directories of the International Society of Travel Medicine and the American Society of Tropical Medicine.

Australia: I suggest that you visit the Travel’s Medical and Vaccination Centre.

UK: Similar traveler’s health specialists are available in UK such as the Fleet Street Clinic.

Lonely Planet has released a pocket book entitled Healthy Travel – Africa by Isabelle Young. This 440 page booklet leaves few stones unturned. Buy this through

Special Medical Notes

1. One health hazard you cannot afford to ignore is malaria. Recommended prophylaxis changes from time to time so it is well worth checking up with a specialist before you travel.

2. Bear in mind that some immunisation injections require two or more “shots” and need some time before they reach maximum efficacy, so see your medical specialist in good time

3. Be sure you have good medical insurance cover, preferably with air evacuation cover. It is a booking condition of Grant and Cameron Safaris that you either take out an insurance policy or sign a waiver to accept full liability.

4. If you wear prescription glasses take a spare pair.

5. It may be worthwhile to have a dental checkup in the month before you travel if you might have trouble on safari.

6. Bring plenty of sunscreen and wide brimmed hat

Practical Information

We’ve put together a comprehensive Pre-departure Information Booklet covering all the practical information we think you’ll want to know before heading out on a safari with us. Many of our clients print this booklet out and bring it with them as they leave home.

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