Private Camps

A private paradise in the heart of Africa

A small private camp enables you to enjoy the true atmosphere of the real Africa at its best; evenings
in genial company round a good fire under the stars listening to the noises of the night; the call of
the Scops owl, the roar of a distant lion. Enjoy the absence of civilisation, your own private paradise
away from the crowds.



The camping experience

All our camp sites are in beautiful settings, carefully chosen to be as private and wild as possible. During the main safari seasons we will often leave our camp in situ for several consecutive safaris. As we are an owner operated and guided small company we have put a great deal of time, thought and leading edge research into tent and equipment design to ensure that ours are the most best designed and most comfortable tents you will find in Africa.

Our mobile camps are “fully mobile” in design so we can choose to move at any time we wish for whatever reason. For example, if the weather is particularly wet we can move our whole camp to an area where going for walks and game drives is easier. If the area of our camp suffers a severe fire and there is a large amount of fine ash blowing in the wind or game-viewing is compromised we can use a more suitable site. This a real advantage over permanent tented camps and tented lodges who are committed to one site whatever the conditions.

Our sleeping tents have a spacious insect proof inner, with full sized (6ft 9inch long) comfortable beds – a double bed if you like – with bedside table and hanging space. Continental quilts are provided as standard, but we can supply sheets and blankets if you prefer, please let us know well in advance. Each tent has its own private verandah with chairs and table so that you can choose to read or write in privacy. Over the top of the fly sheet of the sleeping tents is a black layer of 90% shade netting on a supporting frame. This 3 layer design pioneered by Grant and Cameron ensures that our tents remain cooler than conventional designs that have just a fly sheet and inner.

Careful attention to the spacing between tents so that each has a degree of seclusion without being dangerously separated. We try to ensure that our tents are under good shade if possible as this also contributes to maintaining a pleasant temperature, particularly important if you wish to read or snooze in your tent in the afternoon.


Staff, facilities and food

Your own private toilet and shower tents is just behind your sleeping tent. Hot water for wash basins and shaving is available at any time on request, and is usually provided as a routine with your wake up call and after each game drive or walk. There is a separate wash basin for the toilet with antiseptic additive for improved hygiene. Your tent attendant will be delighted to provide a shower for you at any time mixed to the temperature you prefer. If you would like to shower twice per day, or after every game drive, please just inform your tent attendant.

If our camp is in situ for only a few days before being moved on elsewhere you will have a “short drop” pit latrine toilet typical of traditional mobile camps. If the camp is to be used for several consecutive safaris we fit our own design of mobile flushing toilets. The objective is to keep the atmosphere of a traditional camp, so the toilet bowl is tastefully concealed inside a traditional “thunderbox”. The cistern is tucked away so that it is not intrusive yet provides a powerful flush using very little water. The cistern is filled from bucket reservoir at the back of the tent and does not detract from the camp atmosphere as there is no plumbing. The reservoir bucket allows three full flushes and is filled morning and evening by your tent attendant.

For even the smallest safari we take a minimum of seven staff to ensure your every need is attended to. You will be amazed at the skill our camp chefs. Delicious fresh bred is baked daily in the camp, together with a range of appetising dishes to tempt the most choosy eater. In the words of one past guest “My safari was everything I ever hoped for … only fatter!”

We try to provide healthy fresh fare where possible, high in fresh fruit and vegetables,
with a varied international menu.

A full laundry service is available every day in camp, including skilful ironing with a traditional charcoal iron. Our aim is to provide a high degree of comfort and service without compromising the feeling of being alone in untouched Africa.All the staff have worked with us as a team for many years and know their jobs perfectly. Their cheerful nature and unobtrusive attention to your every need is an integral part of our Classic Safaris

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